NuSlim Stim-Free Weight Loss

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NuSlim Stim-Free Weight Loss is No Turning Back Fitness’s award winning stimulant-free weight loss supplement!

Bring your fitness goals one step closer to achieve the physique you have always had your eyes set on. NuSlim is a synergistic blend of eight healthy ingredients to support fat loss with a two-faceted approach. Where the supplement is engineered to boost energy levels to speed up fat burning, it also slows down appetite in a healthy way by reducing untimely cravings.

One unit offers 60 servings, lasting you a full month’s supply! Now put a stop to your cravings to support speedy weight loss.

  • Contains a healthy blend of Chromium, Banaba Leaf Extract, Glucomannan Root Power among other healthy ingredients
  • We recommend prior physician consultation before starting the dose
  • Best results when paired with an intense daily work out
  • Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease